Cristina L Martinez

Actress/Model/Voice Over Artist

About Me

Cristina Lizette Martinez

Born to Puerto Rican parents, Spanish is Cristina’s second language. She played an innocent teenager with a dark twist in her first leading role and followed that as a young girl exploring her sexuality in a coming of age film.

Cristina played a high school Sr. dealing with the emotional struggle of her parents divorce in the independent film,Gray Shadows. Amazons Primes’s, Dependents, Winner of Best Short Film at Lake Charles film festival , tells the story of a family riddled with addiction. A nightmare sequence, Cristina’s character battles suicide tendencies with drug abuse.

Cristina is often recognized for her ability to act in both English and Spanish in national commercials such as State Farm and Frito Lay . Cristina is athletic and sporty; she can pack a punch like Kim Possible!