Cristina L Martinez

Actress/Model/Voice Over Artist

About Me

Cristina Lizette Martinez

Cristina Martinez, a multicultural talent, was born to Puerto Rican parents. 
In the critically acclaimed independent film, “Gray Shadows”, Cristina gave an emotional performance as a high school senior navigating through the emotions that accompanied her parents’ divorce. 
Her acting career began with portraying a character of deceptive innocence – a teenager hiding sinister secrets. She then was young girl on the precipice of womanhood, exploring her sexuality in a poignant coming-of-age film.
The Amazon Prime’s short film “Dependents”–a celebrated winner at the Lake Charles Film Festival– is a story about  family in the clutches of addiction. Cristina played a character wrestling with suicidal tendencies and drug abuse in a haunting nightmare sequence.
Cristina’s wide-ranging talent is often spotlighted in national commercials. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she brings authenticity to her roles in high-profile advertisements such as State Farm and Frito Lay.
 Small yet mighty! Cristina is not only an accomplished actor, but she also possesses an athletic side, packing a punch as powerful as Kim Possible!