Cristina L Martinez

Actress/Model/Voice Over Artist


Influencer Goes on A Date
Student Nurse trying to pass Clinicals
Bestfriends Living a Nightmare
Cristina Martinez Demo Reel
Walmart/ Goodyear Tires
The NFL on CBS Streams Live on Paramount Plus
Frito Lay National Football Kickoff
Pizza Hut
Whataburger Spanish
Winstar Casino
Amarillo National Bank 130 Years
Dak Prescott Alberston’s/Tom Thumb
Zaxby’s Pronunciation
Oklahoma Career Tech
Frito Lay Original Wavy Lays
Belgard Hardscapes
Zaxby’s Bring it On
Acura Vandergriff
ANB Come and Go
Spiral Bible
Bradley Dworkin Law
ANB Home Loans
Commercial Voice Over Reel
Character Voice Over Reel
Amarillo National Bank On Hold Answering Machine